AMS Optional Features Menu

The following features are available at no charge for your Association Management Software, but are not always installed by default. Please contact us to have them added to your system:

  • membership cards – gives users the option to print a customized membership card from their profile
  • donations – allows you to accept and track donations from users or guests
  • multiple emails – allows users/admins to add multiple email addresses to the same profile (eg. for families so both adults get notifications)
  • bundle discounts – allowing you to give percentages or fixed amounts off when multiple products are purchased at the same time
  • shopping cart – changes some or all of your product purchase pages to a shopping cart style
  • class list report – the ability to generate, email, export, and print a class list report that shows registrant information and product-specific fields
  • start/end time – the ability to specify a date and time for product sales to start and/or end
  • registration limit – specify the maximum capacity of a program and have it automatically disable when full
  • edit registration – the ability to edit information provided in a user’s registration
  • members area dashboard customized notifications – the ability to add text to the Dashboard page the user sees when they first log in. Text can be either system wide, or member specific (eg. “NAME, your membership has expired. Renew by clicking here”)
  • advanced requirements – the ability to specify more advanced criteria required on someone’s profile to purchase a specific product
  • mass invoice – the ability to attach an invoice to many profiles at once, and send people an email asking for payment (useful for HOA fees)
  • partial payments – the ability to track partial payments made via point of sale
  • account credits – the ability to grant a user a credit on their file, and have them use it to pay a future invoice