Constituent Management System

Strategic Consulting Group Inc. offers a flexible and comprehensive constituent management system primarily aimed at elected officials, non-government organizations, and political or issue campaigns. Unlike competitors, our system is tailored and customized to each client, and updates to features, workflows, and other functionalities are dictated and decided by the client. The system also includes premium support – your team works exclusively with a dedicated representative from our team who will work with you to ensure the software can meet your needs, objectives, and special requests as they arise.

Our system comes with the following core modules:

  • Contacts Database Module – incorporating and managing records for individuals, households, and organizations and linking their contact records to all other modules. Constituents can be grouped and tagged either automatically using specific criteria, or manually. Incorporates geotagging and mapping capabilities.
  • Donations Module – receive online donations, track of manual donations, automatic receipting, pledge drives, and other contribution functionalities.
  • Mailings Module – design and send email and/or SMS (text message) marketing campaigns, manage deliverability responses, and CASL compliance.
  • Events Module – set up and publish events, tracking registrations (paid or free), tickets, and associated reporting.
  • Membership Module – allows for multiple membership types and pricing, access to other modules / features based upon membership status, as well as automatic payment and receipting.
  • Campaign Module – manages petitions, surveys, as well as paid/volunteer call centre interactions and GoTV activities.
  • Casework Module – track constituent inquiries / concerns, manage advocacy and casework, create customized workflows for standard requests
  • Reporting Module – run standard and customized reports for data across all modules (including but not limited to call sheets and walk sheets, member rosters, issue tracking, etc.)

Our system is fully integrated with our Managed Web Presence toolset, allowing your constituents to interact with the system and all of its modules, complete online registrations and donations, update their profiles, respond to campaigns, and more. Public interaction with the system is granular – enable only features and tools you want constituents to be able to see and interact with.

You can rest assured that your data is safe and protected with Strategic Consulting Group Inc through industry standard best practices and controls including:

  • Enterprise-grade web hosting including burstable capacity resources for peak traffic times (such as major announcements or system launches).
  • A comprehensive backup and disaster mitigation plan incorporating multiple data centre locations and restoration options. 
  • Corporate insurance and regular security audits to prevent cyber incidents and intrusions, and to respond to them effectively should one ever happen. 
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security to ensure data encryption and optimize customer trust.