Facility Rental Management Software

Is your facility still managing rentals and bookings using a day planner book, or a spreadsheet?   Are your staff members or volunteers spending valuable time answering the “is your facility available on this day” question? 

If this sounds like you, it may be time to consider a facility rental management system!   

Key Features 

  • No restrictions on number of rooms, bookings, or renters. 
  • Easy click-and-drag scheduling. 
  • Flexible schedules which can handle different availability times by room or by day. 
  • Completely customizable reservation tracking attributes (track keys issued, damage deposit amounts, liquor license etc.) 
  • Supports add-ons like dish rentals, AV, etc. 
  • Each rental generates a contract customized to your organization’s specifications.  Signed contracts can be stored directly on the system – no more hunting for paperwork! 
  • Comprehensive report generator – run reports to show usage statistics, or list reservations based upon any criteria. 
  • Flexibility of access.  Prospective renters can have “view only” access to schedule availability, or can have the ability to tentatively book rentals in.   
  • Mobile friendly – for seeing your schedule on the go. 
  • Fully customizable to your organization’s workflows and needs.   

Industry Leading Onboarding and Support 

  • Backed by Strategic Consulting Group Inc.’s comprehensive support which takes the time to know your organization and its needs. 
  • Securely stored on our servers which are backed up nightly. 
  • Premium onboarding – we help you import existing rentals, customize your room setup, and make sure you’re able to take full advantage of the system.   

Contact us today at 1-866-260-6912 or info@strategicconsultinggroup.ca to learn more!