IT Support

Strategic Consulting Group Inc. is pleased to offer your home office or small business remote information technology support.  Our firm’s Calgary based support team has been in the information technology business since 2007 and is able to provide cost effective, simple solutions to common IT issues and ensure that your technology works as expected. We aim to provide you with quick diagnosis, multiple options for fixes or repairs when necessary (including a best practice option, and a lowest cost option), and to be your trusted IT partner.

Contact Us

For a no obligation consultation to discuss how our services might be tailored to your organization’s needs, please contact us.

How It Works

When clients or their staff call for support, our technicians will assist them to install a small application which allows the technician to see the client’s screen, and (with permission) control their mouse and keyboard. Once the call ends, the connection is closed and we can no longer access or control your device.

This secure connection allows us to diagnose technical problems, assist users with questions, and install or update software as required.  Support requests can be made by phone (text or call) or email.  This remote support model allows you to receive assistance more rapidly and at a lower cost than on premise IT support, where clients pay for a technician to actually come to their location. 

Service Level Agreements

We aim for next business day for diagnosis and resolution of the majority of IT issues.  We work the flexible hours that today’s mobile workforce demands – and are available nights and weekends to support you.  On premise IT support, for deployment of new devices, hardware fixes, and advanced troubleshooting is available when required on a mutually convenient scheduling arrangement. 

What We Can Help With

The list below is a non-exhaustive list of items my firm is able to assist you with. 

  • Setup of computer hardware and networks (including accounts, permissions, shared file and printer access)
  • Troubleshooting of error messages
  • Support on “How do I…” questions
  • Support of both Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS devices
  • Installation and configuration of new software
  • System administration of business software such as CRMs, databases, accounting software, etc. for both on machine, and cloud-based .
  • Data recovery for hardware damage or virus intrusions
  • Email setup, migration and support (including all major providers for home users, as well as Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Online, and G Suite for business users)
  • Mobile device setup and support (iPhone, Android, and legacy BlackBerry devices)
  • Setup of backup systems

Other items may be available, depending on the firm’s familiarity with the software and the procedure you are inquiring about.

Monthly Retainer Fee

Clients are charged a monthly retainer fee which covers our costs for the application that allows for remote support, and for the necessary knowledge base documentation on my firm’s end on your network, user accounts, and the particulars of your computer setup.  Service rates for clients on monthly retainer are discounted at a rate of 50% from those for clients who are not on retainer.

Client Type / Number of UsersMonthly Retainer Fee
Home (1-3 Users)$15.00
Home Business (1 User)$25.00
Small Business (2-3 Users)$30.00
Medium Business (4-6 Users)$50.00
Large Business (7 Users and up)Quoted retainer fee

A user is classified as one person within your organization.  This is calculated by doing a count of the number of unique user accounts across all your computers, or by looking at the number of individually assigned email addresses within your organization.  Users may have multiple devices (eg. a laptop, an iPad, and an Android smartphone) – this only counts as one user, but all devices would be supported.

Service Rates

Clients are charged an hourly rate for support requests, billable in fifteen-minute increments with a minimum of fifteen minutes billed per request.

Client TypeHourly Rate with Monthly RetainerHourly Rate Without Monthly Retainer

Web Hosting Clients

If you are a web hosting client of our firm and have access to support, you will not be charged for technical support that relates to the normal operation of your website or web applications as defined in our Support Statement.