League Management Software

Strategic Consulting Group Inc. offers robust league management software to support both individual sports clubs as well as multi-organization leagues. Our software has been used to facilitate play and team management across Calgary since 2009.

System Features

  • Sport agnostic – can be used for soccer, hockey, softball, ringette, and more
  • Organized by Season (eg. Outdoor 2022), then Division (eg. U10 Boys), then Team (eg. Wolves)
  • Supports managing team rosters and player contact information.
  • Supports populating the play and practice schedule including clickable locations to generate a map.
  • Statistics can be entered by coaches or administrators to calculate standings. Individual player statistics can also be tracked if desired.
  • Game sheets can be printed by coaches or team officials.
  • Age Group Coordinators or Division Coordinators can access only their divisions to manage rosters, schedules, and statistics.
  • System supports online registration of individual players or entire teams (if desired)
  • Includes a Content Management System to host static webpage content and news/announcements.