Managed Web Presence

Our firm has been developing and designing web presence for small business and non-profit since 2007. Whether you have specific requirements you want for your website, or you need support to develop your content and design, our team can help you create the exact feel you’re looking for.

Web presence means more than a static website. It means we manage the full gamut of your online presence – from your secured, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized website, to your listings and content on Google’s suite of products and services, to social media integration. Managed web presence ensures your organization is using the power of the Internet to meet your goals.

Features of our approach include:

  • Professionally designed websites using industry best practices, and leading content management software for ease of editing.
  • Customization of design and display to match organizational branding guide.
  • Enterprise-grade web hosting including burstable capacity resources for peak traffic times (such as major announcements or system launches).
  • A comprehensive backup and disaster mitigation plan incorporating multiple data centre locations and restoration options. 
  • Corporate insurance and regular security audits to prevent cyber incidents and intrusions, and to respond to them effectively should one ever happen. 
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security to ensure data encryption and optimize customer trust.
  • Core site Search Engine Optimization as well as custom tailoring to ensure continued reception of site authenticity from Google Search, and integration with all Google properties to boost organic search referrals.
  • Installation and support for website functionalities such as event registration and payment, classified ads, dynamic calendars, bookings, and many others.
  • Development of custom forms and workflows for customer inquiries, sales, surveys, or intakes for other channels. Connections to other web applications and platforms.
  • Dynamic linkages with social media to automate consistent messaging across platforms, and drive traffic to your web presence.
  • Backed with customer-focused support based in Canada to help you reduce staff time managing your website, create new functionalities, and pull in custom development resources when needed.

We believe each of our clients is unique, and their web presence is tailored to their requirements and business objectives.  Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.