New Association Client Onboarding Information

Welcome to Strategic Consulting Group Inc.  We are looking forward to working with your organization and are glad to have you joining our growing number of clients!  The items below outline what we will need from you in order to migrate you onto our system.  If you have any questions, please let us know.


  • Access to the account currently registering your domain name (eg.  If you are unsure who your registrar is, let us know.
  • If we are migrating your current website to our server (it must be in WordPress to do this), we will need administrative access to your current website, and to your hosting platform (usually this is through the same company as your domain registration).
  • If you are redoing the content of your website, please send it to us in a Word document.  Any images or PDF files should be sent separately.
  • A theme selection – ask us for assistance in looking for themes.
  • Please advise as to any other functionality you would like your site to have (eg. automatically posts to Facebook, has an events calendar).  You may wish to look at some of our other client sites to see some possible functionalities (eg.
  • Choose a “go live” date where your site will be changed from your old site to your new site. 
  • Please provide an image file of your community association logo, preferably on a transparent background.
  • Once your website is uploaded, it will be pushed to Google, and search results updated usually within 48 hours. 
  • Advise as to other users that should have access to this application, and what type of access to provide.  


  • Most associations qualify for free licenses of either Microsoft 365, or Google Suite. This is the recommended solution for associations who want to use more than one email address, or have anything more than very basic requirements, as Microsoft and Google’s solutions are far more feature rich. In order to sign you up, we will need a copy of your certificate of incorporation. If you do not qualify, we will provide you with email addresses hosted on our server.
  • Please provide a list of requested email mailboxes that you would like setup.
  • If you would like existing email messages from an old provider migrated to us, please let us know.  Depending on the size and complexity, we can determine if this is within the scope of our current setup quote, or if a separate quote will be needed. 
  • Advise if one person should have the ability to create, modify and delete email accounts and aliases. 


  • Please advise if your membership is term specific (eg. all memberships expire on August 31st) or if they are rolling (eg. 1 full year from date of purchase)
  • Provide a copy of your current membership application, as well as a list of any other data you would like gathered at time of membership sign up (eg. cell phone number, volunteer choices etc.)
  • Advise about any different tiers of membership and their respective prices.
  • Provide an Excel spreadsheet of all current members.  Each piece of data (eg. address line 1, phone) must be a separate column.  Advise as to these members expiry dates.
  • You can also provide previous (lapsed) members.  Advise as to criteria that should be used to determine if a lapsed member is the same person as a current member (eg. the same home phone number).  Provide what membership season (or dates of membership) should be put on the system.
  • Advise if you would like members to have the ability to print a membership card online.
  • Please advise of any other items you’d like put into the members secure portal (eg. Association documents, board or staff contact info. etc)
  • Advise if you wish to accept offline payments (eg. a user will indicate they will come into the community centre to pay, or that they will mail a cheque).  This is not recommended, as it increases your administrative workload, but is possible. 
  • Provide content for the email users will receive after purchasing a membership.
  • Provide content for the email (if desired) users will receive automatically when their membership is set to expire (not required for memberships that all expire at the same time).
  • If you would like other programs setup for online registration (eg. soccer registration) advise as to details.
  • Advise as to other users that should have access to this application, and what type of access to provide.   


  • We will setup your Stripe account for you.  In order to set it up, we will require
    • Your CRA Business Number
    • The name of someone who will act as the primary contact
    • The primary contact’s date of birth
    • The primary contact’s home address
    • The main address of your association
    • A phone number for your association that can display on credit card transaction statements for people to call if they have questions. 
    • Banking information (transit number, institution number, and account number)
  • Please provide a list of users who will receive access to the financial portal and the ability to refund monies paid.
  • If you’d like to tie your payment processor into QuickBooks or another online financial software suite, this is possible. Please let us know and we can discuss further.


  • Please provide a copy of your current rental contract and advise as to any additional data you collect in your rental process (eg. additional fields such as key number issued, rent drivers license no. etc.)
  • Please provide a copy of your current legal rental terms in the format you wish the rental contract to print in from the software.
  • Please provide a spreadsheet of your current clients, and their address and contact information. 
  • Provide the dates and times which your facility is open for rentals (eg. Mon-Sun from 8am to 11pm)
  • Provide a list of the rooms you wish to make available for rentals.  Optionally, provide descriptions and a photograph you wish included in the software.
  • Provide a list of accessories (eg. projectors, AV equipment) you also offer on rentals, that you want bookable within the software.
  • Please advise what level of access clients should have to the system.  Levels are as follows:
    • No access, no ability to view availability
    • No access to own bookings, but ability to view availability (this is standard)
    • Access to view own bookings, ability to view availability
    • Access to view own bookings, ability to book rooms tentatively
  • Please advise as to your payment structure so the system can be best tailored to help you manage the process (eg. damage deposits, payment schedules, GST etc.) The system does not directly integrate with your payment processor, but fields can be added to help you manage data.  


  • In order to transfer your phone number to our phone server, we will need a current invoice from your current provider with the signature of a signing officer for your organization on it.
  • If your provider is not TELUS Communications Company or Shaw Communications Inc., please verify with your provider that they do not act as a reseller for another telecommunications company, or that their numbers are not provided by another carrier.
  • Please advise if you would like a voice actor to record your automatic attendant, or if you would prefer to record yourself.
  • Please advise if you wish to accept text messages (SMS) on the line.
  • Please advise if you have an existing fax line that you would like us to operate for you, or if you would like a fax line (additional fee applies).
  • Please advise if you have an existing toll free line that you would like us to operate for you, or if you would like a toll free line (additional fee applies).
  • Please advise as to the menu structure you would prefer for your telephone system.  (Eg. press 1 for our address info, press 2 to reach rentals, press 3 to reach program registration etc.).  Each option can have the following results:
    • Automated Attendant Sub-Menu – A sub-menu with different options
    • Call Forward – forwards the call to any Canadian phone number
    • Call Forward Notify – forwards the call to any Canadian phone number with a notification in the call display that shows its coming from your CA number.
    • Ring Group – forwards call to multiple numbers and then to voicemail if none answer.
    • Voicemail – unlimited mailboxes with 100 messages maximum in each.  Voicemails can be sent to email or accessed via the web.
    • Recording and then return to main menu, or disconnection.
  • Please advise if you would like the ability to dial out (DISA) which means that you call your number, enter a password, and then are able to make a phone call as though you were dialing out from your CA number. 
  • If you have on premise equipment that requires a telephone line (eg. alarm, fax machine), please let us know so we can review compatibility.