Membership Management & Online Registration System

Is your organization still managing a list of its members and registrations for events or programs using spreadsheets?

Are you using multiple tools to email registrants, collect payments, and store customer data?

Are you spending more time managing your online registration than out getting registrations?

And, if you have online registration already, does your current system actually reflect your organization’s needs or are you simply making do?

If your organization needs to keep track of memberships and/or online registration for programs and/or events, our system offers you the flexibility and features that you need – while being fully customizable – which no other system at our price point can offer.  Our system is battle tested – used by hundreds of organizations worldwide registering for every kind of event, program or membership.

We think you’ll find our system has all the features you need – and a few features that set us apart from the competition.


With our system, you can:

  • Keep your database of members and registrants up to date and accessible. No more needing to key in data into multiple lists if a member changes their email or phone number, our system keeps everything up to date!
  • Setup online registration for memberships, programs, and events. No matter how your registration works – whether its members only, coupons, fixed or variable dates, our system can handle it.
  • Built into your website – or standalone.  Your membership system can be integrated with our websites for a true one-stop-shopping solution!  Already have a website you like?  The system can also be standalone.
  • Accept Credit Card or take offline payments. Safely and securely, with reports that are easy to reconcile.
  • Setup custom registration forms. Get the information you need from your users – even if it differs between memberships or programs.
  • Easily email your users. Send your emails to everyone – or just a targeted list, such as people who registered for a program last year, but haven’t yet registered this year.
  • Enable automatic membership renewal. Have users credit cards charged each time their membership renews – automatically.  You’ll love this new guaranteed stream of revenue!
  • Create digital membership cards. Your users can download their personalized membership cards for facility access or for whatever membership perks are available!



Below are actual screenshots of a running system.  See for yourself the ease and functionality of our membership management and online registration software.




Our team has experience in the online registration and association membership management industry since 2008.  That’s why we include a few extras that help you make use of your system in ways you cannot find anywhere else:

  • Premium onboarding is included. Our system experts will make sure that your new membership system is setup to match your organization’s requirements, and that your data is imported perfectly.  We also have best practices from our many clients we can share to make sure you get the most out of your investment.
  • We’ll present to your board. As part of your investment, we will present at a board meeting to help you gain organizational buy in and to answer everyone’s questions.
  • Total customization is available. Maybe you have a special requirement, or need a small modification to make the system work for you.  The system is totally customizable – usually for free or at a very low cost.
  • Support from a person, not a ticket desk. Your organization will be assigned a main support representative who will get to know you, your organization, and your unique processes and needs.  That way, our solutions to your questions are tailored to you.