Strategic Communications

The importance of timely, accurate, and compassionate communication with your constituents and stakeholders is critical.  Our firm would be very pleased to provide you with support and advice on strategic communications for your company, community organization, or for yourself as a public figure or elected official. 

Our firm has supported both organizations and individuals with strategic communications since 2007.  Some of the areas we can support you include the following:

Message Development

While considering audience, tone, and the basic intentions of your communications, our firm can help extrapolate the core messages you are wanting to deliver in complex contexts.  With this information in hand, we can help you develop a communications plan to ensure that your message is heard.

Correspondence Writing

Timely, accurate responses created to answer questions you receive from your constituents and stakeholders via email or regular mail.  Standard responses on critical issues will be created that match your personal voice and style and are individually tailored to each constituent.  You can have whatever level of control and approval on this process as you require.

Issue Tracking and Database Management

Incoming communications with you are a gold mine of information that can be utilized to better refine your outgoing communications and can prepare you for the next election.  We can update any database to ensure that issues and support levels are kept up to date.

Ghost Writing

Including the submission of monthly content to local newsletters / newspapers, websites, social media, and other properties which require regular written content from you.  These types of communications help enshrine your image.

Outbound Communications Design and Planning

Including the development of communications of any length or for any purpose that are going out to your constituents.  This can include the creation of newsletters, facilitation of their printing and distribution, online communications, and the development and execution of issue consultations to help you collect and understand the views of those most important to your organization.