Virtual Telephone

Every business or organization needs a telephone number – it increases your organization’s sense of legitimacy.  But you don’t need to pay for a pricey landline or cell phone when you’ve already got one.  Our company has the solution – virtual telephony using Voice over IP. Your members and customers won’t notice the difference – and you’ll be amazed at the features!

Virtual telephony means that your phone number isn’t attached to a physical phone, but instead resides in our phone switch.  This gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily change what happens when someone calls the number to add an automatic attendant, call forwarding, or voicemail as needed.

For example, say you’re an association run by volunteers.  When someone calls you, they can press 1 for your volunteer in charge of membership, 2 for your volunteer in charge of events, 3 for your volunteer in charge of communications and so on. 

The caller then is forwarded to a phone number of the volunteer’s choosing (eg. their cell phone) and warned that the call is coming through from the association’s phone number.  If the volunteer takes the call, the caller is connected (but is never given the volunteer’s personal phone number).  If the volunteer declines the call, the caller is routed to a voicemail box on our server and the audio from the voicemail, as well as a transcription of it, is sent to the volunteer’s email address.


Below are some of the features that come with our virtual telephony service:

  • Set up new local and toll free numbers within minutes
  • Keep your existing phone numbers (they can be ported onto our switch)
  • Use our dynamic phone portal to make changes to your system in seconds
  • Rely on crystal clear quality on incoming and outgoing calls which can be made from your computer, cell phone, or landline phone.
  • Call Display
  • Call Recording
  • Call Forwarding (to single or a group of numbers). The numbers the call comes to can see that the call has been forwarded
  • Automated Attendant (press 1 for Sales, 2 for support)
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA). Dial a number from your landline or cell phone, enter a PIN, and you can make outgoing calls that come from your organization’s Caller ID and phone number.
  • Music on Hold
  • Incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS (text messaging)
  • Incoming and outgoing faxes
  • Voicemail (including voicemail to email and/or voicemail transcription)
  • Outgoing recorded calls for mass reminders of upcoming events or meetings.