Web Application Development

Our team has built web applications to handle just about any imaginable business need.  Whether you need to schedule appointments and bill patients, host a course online, or register kids for summer camps, we follow a dynamic process to better understand your organization’s needs, find tools that will work, customize those tools to your business process, and support your organization throughout its use of the tools.

Web application development doesn’t have to be either a rigid, off the shelf application you can’t change, or a hugely expensive custom written application that costs money each time you need to update.  Our team has the experience to provide a middle option.  We start by learning about your company and your needs, then tailoring the application to you.

Our web applications are:

  • Less costly to develop than custom written applications. By using a hybrid of open source and customization, we can lower the initial cost of setting up your application.  We search for a suitable open source solution, and then customize it to your organization’s needs.  This means you don’t pay to reinvent the wheel.
  • Backed with our Secure, Reliable Hosting Servers. We take care of everything “technical” so you don’t have to – whatever goes wrong, we are there to assist.
  • Backed Up. Our robust backup system ensures your web application is backed up – not only on our main server, but on a secondary server set which is in a different location in the country.
  • You can change application language, design, and workflows.  Many changes come built in – not requiring any new money to be spent to make changes.
  • Supported by Us. Your staff work directly with those that built the application to solve problems, troubleshoot issues, or give reminders on how to use the software.
  • Rely on optional SSL (bank grade encryption) for websites that handle sensitive material, or deal with electronic payments.

We’ve already implemented website solutions for many things including:

  • Online registration
  • Membership tracking and processing
  • Email marketing
  • Learning management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Reoccurring payment
  • Board of Directors management (board portals)
  • Constituent/Customer Relationship Management (CRM)