Host a Dynamic Website

Our team has a vast amount of experience creating websites for just about any reason.  Whether it’s to share information with community residents, register kids in hockey, or share your message as a politician, our team has the expertise to help you meet your online goals.  No project is too large or too small for our team.

We believe websites should fit into your broader technology and communications needs – meaning that your website can be integrated with other online applications that your organization uses, or with whatever other forms of communication your organization uses.

Websites we design are:

  • Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 11.08.31 AMEasily editable by you, using the world’s most commonly used Content Management System. You can make changes instantly, and from anywhere where you have an internet connection.
  • One of a Kind. We start off with helping you select one of thousands of design templates, and then we customize it with your logo, colours, and design. Starting with a template lowers the cost to you and your organization.
  • Backed with our Secure, Reliable Hosting Servers. We take care of everything “technical” so you don’t have to – from registering your website domain name, to handling DNS, to hosting your website.  Think of our team as one stop shopping.
  • You can change just about anything on your website, there are no “provider locked” features.
  • If you use website applications provided by our company, they can be integrated into your website in most cases.  For example, parents who want to register their child for a program can do so within your existing website – no changes of branding and organization.
  • Mobile Ready and Search Engine Optimized. Get your website to have a strategic edge by ensuring it is easily viewed on cell phones, and shows up high in search engine listings.
  • Include Unlimited Email. Create business class email addresses ( for as many users as you need.  Email can be utilized on almost any device or mail client, or through our included webmail software.