Written Communications Support

Our team understands the complexities of the English language, and the importance on using the right language, in the right context, for the right audience.  That’s why our services are relied upon by people and organizations where words matter the most – such as national and provincial politics.  Our team can write communication pieces, formal responses, and any other written document you require.  Our team has years of combined experience in post-secondary English studies, as well as extensive practical experience across multiple industries.  We can work on a one-time contract – for one document or publication you require done perfectly, or on a recurring basis – to outsource drafting of responses as required on a continuous contract.

We also take the time to get to know the voice of the author, including a review of previous writing to get a functional understanding of style, and commonly used turns of phrase.  You’ll be impressed at how much it sounds like the author’s writing!  We also regularly monitor the amount of changes required for completion – we are proud to achieve a very high percentage of “perfect on first draft” responses from our clients!

We have an extensive library of previous communications that we can provide upon request, and you’ll be surprised at our low rates!