Getting Started with Hosted Email

Our hosted email allows you to have an email address which is, and gives you access to many advanced features including:

  • Credibility and professionalism for your organization by using
  • No restrictions on daily usage or number of recipients
  • Compatibility with mail clients like Microsoft Outlook
  • Synchronizing of messages and folders between all your devices
  • Unlimited email addresses and aliases
  • Automatic out of office replies
  • Customizable spam filtering

Accessing Your Email Online

To access your email online, go to and enter your email address and password you have been provided.  When you log in, you will see:

On this page, you may wish to change your password from the temporary one that you were supplied to something personal.  Click here to learn how to change your password.

Note: if you attempt to log in using incorrect credentials, our system will lock you out after five attempts.  If this happens, it will appear that our servers are offline.  Contact us to have your account unlocked.

Managing Your Email via Webmail

Our servers give you access to several programs which you can use to manage your email.  Our preferred tool is Roundcube because it is very feature rich (supports folders, search, photos, rich text etc.).  The system will default to Roundcube – to open your email, click “Open”.

If you plan to use Roundcube for reading email on your computer, you may want to set up a few common settings.  More information is here.

Using an Email Client or Mobile Device

If you wish, you can also view your email from your computer or mobile device using a email client (eg. Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail etc.).  Below are the settings to use to add your email address onto your devices.

  • Account Type: IMAP (this will sync your messages and folders between all devices you setup, and our server)
  • Username: your email address
  • Password: as sent to you
  • Incoming/Outgoing Server:
  • SSL is required for both outgoing and incoming servers.

We’ve included links to walkthroughs below for setting up your email on the most commonly used devices.

Troubleshooting the set up of your email account on your personal devices, beyond ensuring that you can access Webmail and that your IP address is not being blocked by our corporate firewall, is considered beyond the scope of included support for web hosting clients.  If you require support with your personal devices, our hourly rates will apply. 

Accessing Your Email From a Personal Email Account

If your organization permits it, you can also access and respond to your email from your personal email account.  Your email account can be configured to forward emails to your personal account, or in most cases, your personal account can pull in the emails from our server.  Most personal accounts can be configured to allow you to reply from your hosted email address as well.